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Coach Paul Brownlee

Paul's Bio

For more than eighteen years Paul Brownlee has taught young, talented athletes that "practice does make perfect" at Brownlee's Athletic Techniques. As an All American for Fairmont State, Paul led the NE Region of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) with a .446 batting average winning him the Rawlings Big Stick Award. Brownlee's steady shortstop and solid hitting gave him the opportunity of spending two seasons in the Chicago Cubs farm system. He is a 1999 inductee in the Greater Akron Ohio Baseball Hall of Fame and 2000 inductee in the Tallmadge High School Hall of Fame (Inaugural Class), as well as a 2005 inductee in the Summit County Sports Hall of Fame and 2005 inductee in the Fairmont State Hall of Fame. Paul's expertise has helped thousands of area youth become better hitters, players, and develop better confidence in their ability. 


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My Story

In the beginning, I was just like you, trying to help my kids be better at baseball and softball!

I was a big star in high school, college, and actually played a couple years of minor league baseball with the Chicago Cubs. But guess what? Not much of that mattered anymore, I just wanted my kids to do well and be happy if they wanted to play baseball or softball!

My kids wanted to get better, they wanted to set and achieve goals, so how could I help them?

I went to the library, I ordered videotapes, I went to local camps (there was no Brownlee’s Baseball Academy), I even took my son two different years to a baseball school in Florida! Local people thought I was crazy!

Throughout this process of gathering information for my kids I learned a lot. Some of the information did not make good sense. Some of the information I already knew. Much of the information was condensed into a program that I use today. I am constantly trying to learn new information…you see, I am a student of the game and for those people who are…the education process never ends!

In addition to studying the mechanics of hitting, I used to videotape scores of great hitters when they played on TV. Heck, ESPN was not even on TV at the time! (Giving up my age) I would chart each player and what they did compared to what I learned. The conclusion I drew when I studied these players’ mechanics is also today part of my program.

Ok, now the good part! I applied all this learning process on my son. He didn’t know it at the age of 10, 11, and 12 but he was a Guinea Pig. Guess what? It worked! My son, at an early age, became a dramatic power hitter despite weighing under 80 pounds. He continued his power hitting through middle school, high school, summer ball, and college.

I also applied the same information on my son’s teammates in little league. Bingo! It worked on them too! My little league teams pounded the ball. This was 1990, 1991, 1992. I knew I was on to something, I just didn’t quite realize it was the beginning of my baseball academy.

When my son turned 13 he started playing travel baseball. I was able to gather the players on his team, some players from a 14 year old travel team, plus some local guys from Tallmadge to meet with me once a week for one hour a week to learn how to hit better.

This program in 1992 was the birth of my baseball academy! In twenty-two short years (seems like 2 or 3) I went from 44 students who met during the fall and winter, to today where I have had over 32,000 students attend my baseball academy studying hitting, pitching, and catching! Much more is on the horizon! Thanks to a “pioneer group” of players and parents. If the original groups of players did not hit the ball significantly better than their peers none of this would be possible.

Today is no different than 22 years ago! Come join us in the adventure to become a more confident, efficient player!